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RAaW Kids
Established in 1999, RAaW Kids is about developing young talent for the industry, but also about building confidence and bringing out the individuality of children in a vibrant and safe environment. For more specific information, please click on the above tabs for your chosen school. Within RAaW there are two different workshops:

RAaW Young Actors

These classes develops and trains young actors for the stage and screen. We offer professional training at affordable rates for truthful rather than 'stagey' performance, in industry focused workshop sessions. Focusing on excellence whilst bringing out the individual, RAaW Young Actors work towards short films and stage performances and are represented by RAaW Management.

RAaW Children's Workshops

These classes are for children who want to develop their individuality, gain confidence, achieve goals, whilst having loads of fun. Focused on gaining life skills in a challenging but fun environment; RAaW Children's Workshops work towards stage performances, however the focus is not on the end product.

Creative Problem Solving

It can challenge students' perceptions about their world and about themselves. It can provide an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

Educational Value

In addition, Drama can reinforce the rest of the school curriculum. Since communication and empathy are central to Drama, a student who has explored like in the Drama classroom will be better able to understand ideas in History and Current Events.

Most importantly it is important for your child to have fun and achieve!!

Our Teachers

Our teachers have been actively involved in, or are currently involved in professional performance. Even though we have been running since 1999, we purposefully run a small company where the Founder and Agent works at every venue and therefore personally knows every child. This is something we take pride in and is part of our commitment to bringing out individuality.

Speaking in Public

Drama allows students to communicate with and understand others in new ways. Children are less likely to have difficulty speaking in public, will be more persuasive in their communications, both written and oral, will be better able to put themselves into others' shoes and relate to them, and will have a more positive, confident self image.

Self-Control and Discipline

Participation requires self control and discipline that will serve the student well in all aspects of life. Students in Drama will learn to work together, to cooperate, to find the best way for each member of a group to contribute, and to listen to and accept the viewpoints and contributions of others. No art form is more truly collaborative. Drama is an important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented rather than hierarchical.

Tolerance and Empathy

Drama also helps students develop tolerance and empathy. In order to play a role an actor (even child actor) must be able to really understand how the world looks through another person's eyes. In today's increasingly polarised and intolerant culture, the ability to understand others' motives and choices is critical. Drama can help build responsible global citizens.

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