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Invalid Debris Truth is a matter of perspective...
Synopsis Invalid Debris is an original and thought provoking new film about love, friendship and revenge, which examines the chain of events leading to a young mans death at the hands of a gang. Inspired by a true story, the film explores the emotional consequences for all involved providing a psychologically thrilling journey that is gripping, poignant and passionately charged. 'Invalid Debris' deals with the horrors of happy slapping, the human condition of altering realities, the raaw child of the human archetype when forced into the dark and a fight for justice in an unjust city.
Production Information Running Time: 76 Mins
Production: 2009
Format: HD
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Language: English
Territories: All
Cast Francesca Bradley
Chris Davis
Claudine Gatt
Toby Green
Kaya Matthews
Nelio Santana
Stephanie Sukar
Crew Directors: Robbi Stevens and Erim Metto
Producer: Robbi Stevens
DOP: Kaue Zilli
Writers: Robbi Stevens and Victoria Howell
Production Designer: Caterina Da Via
Editor: Rob Hind
Composer: Ben Laver
Director Invalid Debris was created out of a need to tell a story about the ever growing epidemic of young people being killed on the streets of London. As stated in the film 'one week in June 2007 there were more young people killed on the streets of London that in the war in Iraq'.
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