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Amoc The truth lies within...
Synopsis London ... Azra is newly arrived from Lebanon and is finding her feet in a new city. She has found a job, a flat and a friend called Ade. But then everything begins to change. Azra starts having dreams of accidents, hospitals and lights? Is her new friend in danger? Are the threats of racist, white power fanatic Mark real? Is he the one who will be the cause of Ade's injuries? A tightly written thriller, focuses on the experiences of a young girl and her relationship with those around her as she struggles to unravel the mystery of her dreams.
Production Information Running Time: 78 Mins
Production: 2012
Format: HD
Audio: Dolby 5.1
Language: English
Territories: All
Cast Stephanie Sukar
Yao Johnson
Toby Green
Fiona Boylan
Tracey Liles
Todd Carty
Vas Blackwood
Tamer Hassan
Michael Higgs
Jessie Wallis
Danny John-Jules
Roger Wright
Richard Burke
Dean James
Crew Directors: Erim Metto and Robbi Stevens
Producer: Erim Metto
DOP: Azul Serra
Writers: Erim Metto and Victoria Howell
Prod Designer: Colin Moody
Composer: Gautier Galard
Editor: Nigel Boettiger
Director AMOC is a thriller with a twist, with the aim to enthral the viewer and keep them guessing to the very end. The film focuses on 5 key characters all from very different backgrounds living in the same block of flats in urban London. It is the differences in these characters and their back stories that reflect what makes London so vibrant. AMOC draws much of it's inspiration from ground breaking scripts and story lines in films like The Butterfly Effect, Identity and Inception.
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